About Florida commercial auto insurance

Obviously, there are different rules in Florida with regards to commercial auto insurance requirements. You can learn about this in more detail here.  The same minimum coverage, $10, 000 x 2, property damage + personal injury coverage just isn’t going to cover things for those who operate large vehicles for businesses on a regular basis.  The state requires individuals to be able to demonstrate financial responsibility in this regard, with the exact costs of a policy being related to a number of factors.


The four basic factors relating to commercial auto insurance in Florida

First off, there are the distances which the driver(s) will typically drive.  This also includes every possible way the vehicle is being used as well.   Anything that might be considered to influence or damage someone or something should be listed.  For example, if you have a large truck that does nothing more than deliver flowers around your metropolitan area, you’ll need a very different style of coverage vs. the person who works for an interstate hauling business.   Often times business-related materials cannot be removed from a vehicle or might have an auto that only tradesmen use – all of these things matter.  Likewise, there are special considerations to keep in mind if you’re going to be transporting additional passengers as well (i.e. – like a taxi service).


Then there’s the issue of who is actually driving the automobile(s).   Each individual’s driving record and personal history will likely affect pricing options, and this will begin to multiply quickly if you’re talking about a policy which insures a fleet of drivers and vehicles.  Of course, this will require investigation on the part of the policy holder(s) and even more research time.


Who actually owns the vehicle being insured is also of vital importance.  Regardless of who might be driving a commercial vehicle, who owns the thing is also of vital importance.  Because rates are often linked to personal data like driving history or even credit scores, owners with better standing ultimately stand to receive better discounts (as you’d expect).


Lastly, there’s the make / model of each automobile and number being insured to consider.  Just like with your conventional auto insurance policies, what make / model your vehicle is and what condition it is in will also influence the cost(s) of your policy.  In most situations this means that newer autos and those with more recently added safety features will get the best commercial rates. Be sure to check out the specifics for your own Florida auto insurance requirements.


Why is commercial auto insurance important? 

In short, you obviously want your business to be in compliance with the law, but having the correct insurance is also needed to make sure that your business can remain up and running should an accident occur.  Moreover, one should consider who might be fronting the costs of dealing with an incident as well, the two biggest concerns being property damage and replacing a damaged fleet vehicle, for instance.  However, by and large one’s thoughts should be in trying to make sure that (even in the even of an absolute disaster, perhaps resulting in the complete destruction of one or more vehicles) you can keep your business operating.  Fully understanding the value in Florida commercial auto insurance usually leads to a policy upgrade.

Cheapest renters insurance in Florida

How to find the cheapest renters insurance in Florida

Searching for the cheapest renters insurance in Florida from a website is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as most people would like.

Sure, you are going to find that there are in almost unlimited amount of options out there in the Florida renters insurance marketplace – but most of them are priced wildly out of your budget, or cannot offered to the level of insurance protection or comprehensive coverage that you had been hoping for.

Thankfully, by using the three tips and tricks included below you should have no trouble whatsoever finding and securing the cheapest renters insurance in Florida. Just spend a bit of time applying the tips, focus on working with professionals and only professionals, and use your common sense – and everything else will just fall into place!

Ask your neighbors

One of the easiest ways to find the cheapest renters insurance in Florida is to ask your neighbors what they are doing for cheap renters insurance.

More often than not, they are going to be able to point you in the right direction when it comes time to secure this type of insurance without threatening to break your bank account. This is especially true if they are already living in the same building that you are – or at least in the same area so that the rates should be too terribly much different.

Frequently your neighbors are going to be your best resource for finding the cheapest renters insurance in Florida, and all you have to do to take advantage of this inside information is simply ask!

Shop around

The second thing that you are going to want to do is to shop around for different services that offer cheap renters insurance, not being shy about letting them know that you are pitting them against their competitors.

This is going to do two things for you, both of them helping you to find the cheapest renters insurance in Florida.

On the one hand, as these Florida insurance agents are going to know that you are serious about purchasing this kind of coverage – and won’t think that you are a tire kicker. This is going to motivate them to give you their very best pitch, and do just about anything they can to win your business.

On the other hand, you are letting them know upfront that you will only choose the one that offers the best coverage at the best prices – one of the fastest ways to find out who offers the cheapest renters insurance in Florida and who does not!

Play hardball when it comes time to negotiate

The last piece of the puzzle, so to speak, is making sure that you play hardball when it comes time to negotiate your rates. Understand that like everything else in life the rates of your insurance are negotiable, and do not sign on the dotted line or pay a single penny until you have exactly the coverage that you have been looking for – at a price that you are happy with it!

Health insurance for individuals in Florida

If you’re an individual residing in Florida and are looking for insurance coverage it’s very likely that you’re probably quite confused as to what your options are or even how recent federal policies will have affect you.  Needless to say, Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” is in full swing and individuals are mandated to sign up, but there are always other options of course.  For instance, if you would rather avoid registering you can elect to pay the annualized fine (generally less than $100), however this does very little to nothing to help cover you in the event that you need urgent medical care. It is advised that you take the time to sign up for some type of insurance policy, even it only pertains to catastrophic types of coverage (emergency care, etc.)


About the affordable care act

Most people will likely visit the Health Insurance Marketplace to learn about the affordable care act and/or sign up.  It only takes around 30 minutes to an hour to fill out the associated forms, and your standard personal information (social security number, employer details, etc.) should be enough to get you through the sign up process easily.  Of course, it’s very possible that you might quality for some type of benefit, tax deduction or subsidy which will ultimately help to lower your costs when getting health insurance for individuals in Florida.  The various exchange plans which have been offered were designed to get rid of the many loopholes which have allowed insurance providers to deny coverage to lots of people, usually due to pre-existing conditions and so forth.  While the deadline for 2014 enrollment has already passed, there are still ways to avoid penalties if you act immediately.


For those who don’t qualify for any type of subsidy which might allow one to lower their yearly costs, there’s always the private marketplace.  This is essentially a list of plans which have been rated (1 – 5 star) based on their level of coverage / cost.  Naturally, those which feature decreased benefits and/or less extensive coverage will generally be cheaper than their more comprehensive counterparts (and even this depends largely on your personal situation, of course).


Which Florida private insurance providers are best?

Again, the bottom line cost of your insurance will be calculated through comparing and contrasting a lot of information along with what specific types of coverage you require, so there are distinct price fluctuations to be mindful of.  However, there are more than a few reputable and oft-touted companies which seem to receive lots of personal praise within the state of Florida, they are:

  • Aetna
  • AvMed Health Plans
  • Cigna
  • Coventry Health Care
  • Coventry Health Plan of Florida
  • Florida Blue
  • Health First Insurance
  • Humana Health Insurance Co. of Florida
  • YourFloridaInsuranceQuotes.com
  • And many more…


If you want to make things easier when looking for health insurance in Florida, it is recommended that you begin by researching insurance providers which are designated to be “participating companies” (with the new legislation).  Not only will this save you lots of time but it will also ensure that receive the very best care possible for your needs.